Each footwear prototype is manufactured considering your sizing requirements. Once we receive confirmation, we make prototypes for the sturdiness, fit, and feel of the footwear before proceeding with the actual production.

Prototype Design on CAD/Sketch

Merchandise and Creation of Sample

Changes required by the Customer

Sample Approval by the Customer

Production and Delivery of Goods in desired Packaging

Confirmation Sample Approval

Quality Tests for Sole Bond, Material Peel strength,Flexion,etc

Sizing and Fit requirement trials as per the standard

Our representatives perform an extensive quality check at each stage of production so that we can meet the highest benchmark in terms of quality and workmanship.We go through a thorough quality check on every production stage. This helps us to ensure that there are zero rejections at the Final stage.Multiple quality checks are done by our quality team at the warehouse before the raw materials

Our Shoes are made from the REACH Compliant Leather which is free from hazardous chemicals. We also have a wide range of PU Leather, microfiber and soles to choose from

With the help of our skilled craftsmen and high-end machinery, we are capable of manufacturing every kind of women’s footwear. We also provide customized samples if required by our partners.

We are very strict about maintaining our delivery deadlines and ensure that we maintain our quality despite our fast production rate.We provide customized branding and packaging facilities such as barcoding, wrapping paper (according to the brand’s choice), and premium packaging boxes.